B.A.C Lime (calcium) 5Kg


B.A.C Lime (calcium) 5Kg
Voor de recycling van gebruikte grond en kokos.
Voor het stabiliseren van de pH. Pas altijd kalk toe wanneer u gerecycled aarde of coco’s gebruikt.
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B.A.C Lime (calcium) 5Kg

B.A.C Lime (calcium) 5Kg
This product contains 15% (180 g / l.) Pure calcium, 3% nitrogen and the trace elements iron, copper and manganese. Calcium is common in the cell walls and membranes and plays a special role in the ion reactions in the plant. Calcium is transported in the plant through the water conduction (xylem). In situations with high humidity or in a close crop the rate of flow is small and can lead to a deficiency occur.
A calcium deficiency weakens the cell walls and this is reflected immediately in an increased sensitivity to fungi and die growing points and young leaves. Excess calcium can occur and brown spots on the leaves.
Ca 15 is a very pure product with a fast, does not. Increases the pH Ca 15 is economical to use and contains 180 grams per liter of liquid pure lime. Ca 15 is to be used, in any culture, does not clog or pollute.
A dosage of 1: 1000 increases the Ca by 3.2 mmol.
In conjunction with Hydro, Soil, Haze, and NFT-AQUA Supermix in areas with soft water may 25-75 ml. are given per 100 liters. In periods of high humidity should continuously 50 ml. are per 100 liters of nutrient solution with added dropwise.

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B.A.C Lime (calcium) 5Kg

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