Nedco electronic waterstop


De diverse waterstoppen zijn geschikt om lekkage in huis daar waar mogelijk te beperken of zelfs te voorkomen. I.c.m. een lekbak is de waterstop een accessoires die bij de (af)wasmachine niet mag ontbreken.

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Nedco electronic waterstop

Nedco electronic waterstop
The waterstop protects against flooding in areas where a washing machine, dishwasher or other appliances connected to the water supply are located.
As soon as there is a leak somewhere in or on the devices to be protected, the sensor lying on the floor reacts immediately and shuts off the water supply.
The sensor reacts already at 0.5MM water, but is not sensitive to high humidity or water splashes.
The battery only gives off energy if the electronic switching mechanism is activated.
The energy delivery is therefore minimal, but it is recommended to test the battery every year.

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Nedco electronic waterstop

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